The Auto-Chek Difference


Face it, there’s a shortage of good mechanics in the Permian Basin. In fact, there’s a shortage of mechanics, period. So, when you have a problem with your car, you often have no choice but to leave your car at the shop, sometimes for several days or weeks while you wait for your mechanic to get to your car.

Mobile Mechanic Services with High-Tech Diagnostics

At Auto-Chek we bring the convenience of modern mobile auto service to your home or workplace. You might think of us as the high-tech reincarnation of the old "Shade Tree Mechanic". Following in the tradition of the old Shade Tree Mechanics, we also tote a little bag with hammer and wrench, but we also bring modern gear like smart torque cordless impact wrenches that prevent under or over torqueing, plus we tote some pretty cool high-tech gear such as:

  • Infrared Cameras to locate heat abnormalities that are not visible to the naked eye. This early warning tool can help us catch small problems before they lead to major breakdowns.
  • Micro-Multi-Lens High-Resolution Borescope Cameras that allow us to easily view mechanical problems in many impossible to reach areas. This saves you money…How you ask? We can often view, photograph and diagnose problems without having to spend hours dismantling your car.
  • Precision Battery and Electrical System Testers that run diagnostics on battery conductance and perform a quick analysis of your entire car’s electrical system.
  • Advanced Refrigerant and Vacuum Leak Detectors to locate small leaks before they become major problems.
  • A full suite of Computer Diagnostic Scanners that can help…
    Scan your car’s computer memory bank to obtain a detailed history of past sensor failures and repairs…
    b) Locate hidden problems in your vehicle…
    c) Restore
    your car’s computer settings to factory specs…
    d) Update your car’s computer with the manufacturer’s latest available software
    e) Reprogram
    your car’s computers to optimize performance… Such as fuel economy, acceleration etc.

In short, with the right tools and experienced technicians, Auto-Chek can quickly identify your car’s mechanical problems and complete repairs on many common vehicle problems without you having to leave your car at the auto shop for days or weeks on end.

Advanced Cloud Based Mobile Shop Management Software

As an added bonus, you will enjoy the benefit of our cloud based service management platform that keeps accurate records of all repairs and diagnostics that are performed on your car, including pictures, videos and diagrams that we upload and send to your email or phone, showing all the worn or damaged parts that need to be replaced.

Peace of Mind

So, if your dashboard is signaling trouble, if your car is making strange noises, or if your ride has simply “lost its mojo”, perhaps your car is telling you that it’s time to see the car doctor… But no need to worry, just make smart use of your smart phone and click to dial Dr. Auto-Chek.

No more asking yourself - “Is it safe to continue driving my car?”

No more wondering if you are taking a big chance every time you get behind the wheel.

No more taking countless hours out of your busy day to tend to your car’s health needs.

With Auto-Chek you get the diagnostics and repair services that you need to keep your car running as it should!

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